Youth Hunter Education Challenge

Link to the Youth Hunter Education Challenge (YHEC) presentation from our Open House August 6, 2017

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NRA’s PROGRAM FOR YOUTH HUNTERS: NRA’s Youth Hunter Education Challenge (YHEC) provides a fun environment for kids 18 and under to improve their hunting, marksmanship and safety skills. Through its simulated hunting situations, live fire exercises, educational and responsibility events, YHEC helps build upon skills learned in basic hunter education courses and encourages safer, lifelong hunting habits. NRA YHEC information

LOCAL AND STATE YHEC:  YHEC at the local level is a basic introduction for youth who are interested in hunting. State YHEC events are at an intermediate level and require youth to have completed a hunter safety course.  2019 Maryland YHEC Registration  includes detailed rules for the June 14-16 2019 Maryland YHEC competition in Williamsport MD.

RECRUITMENT, RETENTION, AND RE-ENGAGEMENT.  Presentation on IWLA’s role in a National Strategy at  R3 for Hunters and Recreational Shooters