Rachel Carson Park Reforestation

We began work in this area in spring 2015.  Our first work day was captured on video.  The goal for the immediate future is to reforest the area closest to the river which is the lower flatland area prone to some flooding. The photo below shows the area along this section of the Hawlings River that we are trying to reforest and provide some shade to this section that has none now. rcarson_site

This area is in the western most part of Rachel Carson Park along the banks of Hawlings River where it runs parallel with Sundown Road. The Hawlings River is a 13 mile tributary of the Patuxent River and basically starts its journey just north of Laytonsville flowing through Rachel Carson Conservation Park.  For more information contact Barry Fleming at barryjflem@verizon.net or Rodger Moran at rodger.j.moran@gmail.com.  This project is one of the Chapter’s three off-site projects (includes Reddy Branch-Brookeville and the Pigtail Recreation Area) which are all about improving the quality of the water ending up in our local drinking water reservoirs.