Christmas Tree Farm

The Chapter’s Christmas Tree Farm began in 1976 when member Jerry Tacinelli donated $1,000 to purchase Christmas Trees. He won this award from the National Retail Merchants Association for his work on the Save our Streams Program.  Many members in the early years,  but especially Charles Wiles, Dave Anderson,Sr . and Merle Keesler,  supervised and worked on plmarking-seedlings-2016_10anting the seedlings, maintaining them to maturity, and then selling the Christmas trees.  Eventually, Christmas tree sales provided the money to get the Chapter out of financial distress and pay off the Chapter’s mortgage.
Christmas Tree maintenance usually takes place on the Chapter’s monthly work day.  We are having a program reboot and are far along with planning, marking seedling locations, and getting ready for the spring planting.   Contact Lee Cascio  at for more information on the work days.