Our Goals

2016_06-aar-dscn3507-group-crop During 2017, we continued to keep our pollinator gardens and other flowering areas from being overgrown by viny, thorny, and otherwise unwelcome invasive plants.  Our Watershed Clean Ups and Adopt A Road work days prevented 100 bags of trash, 23 car tires, and loads of miscellaneous larger items like furniture and wire-frame signs from entering our local waterways.  Sad to say, much of that litter was recyclable beverage containers–plastic, metal, or glass.

nelson tree is big enough DSCN3076Our off-site partnership reforestation projects, including MNCPPC Reddy Branch-Brookeville and Rachel Carson Park sites and the WSSC Pigtail Recreation area, continue to receive high praise from those agencies who rely on volunteer support to meet their long-term restoration goals.  These are not ‘one and done’ kinds of projects—they require years of maintenance commitment to assure successful survivorship.  At the Reddy Branch-Brookeville site, in 2015 we began removing deer browse and deer rub protection from trees planted in 2009–they are now tall enough and large enough to no longer need it! Click here to Katherine’s presentation about the Forest Conservation Program and praise for our Chapter’s involvement.