Reddy Branch-Brookeville Reforestation

The goal for the Reddy Branch-Brookeville reforestation is to add buffer plantings on Montgomery County parkland reddy-branch-reforestation-2012-tac-annual-reportover five acres to protect about 1,700 linear feet of stream.   The first plantings took place in 2008 and included the Chapter, local schools, and the Soil Conservation District coordinating with Katherine Nelson of Maryland-National Park and Planning Commission.   A few years later,  we switched from planting to caging trees that had begun coming up from native seed sources.  We continue twice-per-year maintenance visits to repair cages and remove vines and other overgrowing unwanted plants.  In 2015, we removed cages from trees that had finally grown tall enough to survive deer rub and deer browse.  We are currently focusing on the area marked as ‘ongoing’ in the aerial photo.  For more information, contact Jeff Deschamps at